Course Description

Welcome to Self Image Mastery. We have been looking forward to this program for a long time! So many of those who follow our coaching are thrilled with My Empowerment Quest webinars. Although we are excited about all of our programs at Zoe Transformation Coaching & Consulting, we are particularly enthusiastic about My Empowerment Quest - because we believe it will be of so much help to so many people, in so many different ways.

This program is a study of happy and successful living through the understanding of the self-image and the role it plays in our lives.

This Self Image Mastery program is packed with great information and rich insights into how to live a truly rich and rewarding life, but it is also intensely practical.

“The most important psychological discovery of the 20th century is the discovery of the self-image” - Dr. Maxwell Maltz

One of the reasons that the discovery of the Self Image is so important is because it is so easy for everyone to understand. Anyone who reads about the Self Image or hears the concepts taught can grasp the significance of the power of the self-concept or Self Image.

And because it is easy to understand, it is easy to implement; you don’t need a doctorate in psychology to re-engineer your own Self Image to help you enjoy a more prosperous and successful life.


Most will readily agree that their mind has far more power and far more potential than they are currently making use of. But if you ask them how to make use of these tremendous untapped reservoirs of talent and ability they have no idea.

The most powerful computer in the universe will do you no good if you don’t know how to use its enormous power for your own ends. And if you don’t know how to operate the computer, it is useless to you.

Understanding the power of the Self Image gives you a user manual for the mind. A manual that is simple to grasp, easy to understand, and most importantly of all; easy to implement in your life right now, wherever you are at.


As you move through the program, we will not be asking you to do anything that you cannot do. One way to think about the task ahead is this:

You can be successful in life if you can sign your name, remember your address and worry about anything at all!

You have already created a Self Image and continue to nurture and maintain that Self Image on a daily basis. The good news is that changing it is not really that much more difficult than it was to create in the first place. You will learn to re-engineer it in the same way you created it. The key difference is you will re-engineer it consciously, whereas you originally created it unconsciously.

We celebrate you as you begin your Self-Image re-creation...Live like a lion!

Vince Morales is Founder, Principal Catalyst, and Master Coach for Zoe Transformation Coaching & Consulting. He is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Master Coach (MCC), certified Integrative NLP Practitioner (CPNLP), certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Trainer & Speaker, and certified Maxwell DISC Method Behavioral Analysis Trainer. Vince earned his Master's of Professional Studies in Psychology of Leadership from Penn State University. His niches are peak performance mindset, self-image mastery, emotional intelligence, adaptability and resiliency. As a mindset coach, Vince uses an 'Iceberg for Systemic Thinking' method that consists of React, Anticipate, Design, Transform method of approach. The intent is to identify root causes that prohibit transformative thinking; identify solutions that address self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs, and mental models; identify measurable and sustainable results leading to personal transformation. The bottomline is Vince deals with "barriers-to-entry" for new productive, transformative thinking in your life and creates new "barriers-to-entry" that prohibit hindering mindsets.

Vince Morales, CPC, MCC, MPS

Certified Master Coach & Webinar Facilitator

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome To Self-Image Mastery

    • How To Use This Course

    • Welcome to Self-Image Mastery

    • What is Self-Image Mastery?

    • Before we begin...a quick survey to help me understand your goals so I can help you reach them.

    • Download Self-Image Mastery Action Guide PDF

  • 02

    Level 1: Homeostasis of Self-Image

    • Instructions for Self-Image Affirmations PDF

    • Mission 1: Download Self-Image Affirmations PDF

    • Mission 2: The Outperforming Self-Image

    • Mission 2: Survey

    • Mission 3: "The Truth About Self Image Psychology"

    • Mission 3: Survey

    • Download: "What Do You See?" PDF

  • 03

    Level 2: Construct of the Self-Image

    • 5 Steps to an Authentic and Effective Self-Image by Vince Morales PDF

    • Mission 4: The Way We View It

    • Mission 4: Survey

    • Mission 5: "Why Thinking You're Ugly is Bad For You" - Meaghan Ramsey

    • Mission 5: Survey

    • Mission 6: Real Beauty Sketches

    • Mission 6: Survey

  • 04

    Level 3: Your Perception Shapes Your Self-Image

    • Mission 7: Perception Shapes Self-Image

    • Mission 7: Sharing A Thought

    • Mission 7: Survey

    • Mission 8: "Self-Image: The Amazing , Absolute Key to All Personal Growth" - Leo Gura

    • Mission 8: One Main Takeaway

    • 8 Tips for Building a Healthy Self-Image by Vince Morales PDF

  • 05

    Level 4: Clarity in Your Self-Image

    • Mission 9: Self-Image Clarity

    • Mission 9: Survey

    • Mission 10: "The Invisible Force: Self-Image Enables You To Achieve Great Goals" - Dan Lok

    • Mission 10: Your Biggest Takeaway

    • Mission 11: "Why Self-Esteem Is the Secret to Success"

    • Mission 11: Survey

    • Download: Create a Self-Image That Paves the Road to Success by Vince Morales PDF

  • 06

    Level 5: Your 2-Dimensional Nervous System

    • Mission 12: Your 2-Dimensional Nervous System

    • Mission 12: Survey

    • Mission 13: Believe in Yourself - Motivational Video (ft. Jaret Grossman & Eric Thomas)

    • A Special Note: Completing Your Limiting Beliefs PDF

    • Download: Are Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back Worksheet PDF

  • 07

    Level 6: My Happiness: Not For Sale

    • Mission 14: My Happiness: Not For Sale

    • Mission 14: Survey

    • Mission 15: How to Be Happy - Motivational Speech

    • 8 Effective Ways To Handle Insecurities PDF

  • 08

    Level 7: (Bonus Level) Let's Be Real

    • Mission 16: "Shark Mindset" - Walter Bond

    • Mission 17: "Stop To Living a Fake Life" - Tom Bilyeu

    • Congratulations!

  • 09

    Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • A Final Survey